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the vision is no visibly.

 投稿者:tiger  投稿日:2008年 5月26日(月)12時11分51秒
  the all passed ebent is accidental.In the lote 60s there is too.In recent time
the world moves violently to destory.But we can not forecast it to when and where
happen.I berieve it to happen not similarly but analogically as the past.And the
passed event is no as the anather person but myself objection.Certainly the people in the world is too individual though must be jointly.Thanks you  that your indication is correct.You said that is "After destroyed, what you created in the world?".I will estimate to creat no more war world with all my maight for the future ,however the future will be accidential.  Hoeever I will continue to search that for ever.This is my life and my mind.

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