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Your vision is the problem

 投稿者:Chute  投稿日:2008年 5月11日(日)15時33分7秒
  通報 編集済
  I am interested in your review when you were in the late 60s.
In your first struggling style I think it is similar with Tibetan Riot and Olympic Torch Relay Objection.   Japanese Universities are not so higher valuation in international societies   their proof is in your bloody campus dispute.
Also reviewing at that time of your university executives and chancellors all everything fucking crazy.  Can we fix it up?   Yes, we can!!  Then you stood.
Whereas they could not be improved anything at all.
Do you think what is the cause and background as the ex -activist?
If you think this one absolutely rubbish, you should create the new ideal university being a founder! Go to the Zenkyoto Generation.
Some of them I don't wanna talk with this issue any longer something like that with maniac depression.  After destroyed, what you created in the world?
This problem we will take over forever.

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