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  2017 2 wanda  

HC f

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a-bones song

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  MC5 - One Of The Guys
Clovers - He Sure Could Hypnotize
Blues Image - Ride Captain Ride
Roky Erickson - Starry Eyes
Donovan - Sunshine Superman
Pink Floyd - Interstellar Overdrive
Neil Young & The Squires - I Wonder
Troggs - You Can't Beat It
Paul Revere And The Raiders - Just Like Me
Screamin' Jay Hawkins - All Night
Swingin' Medallions - Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love)
Beach Boys - Then I Kissed Her
Rolling Stones - The Spider And The Fly
DMZ - When I Get Off
Hasil Adkins - Truly Ruly
Torquays - Stolen Moments

Gene Dunlap - Made In The Shade
Bill Smith Combo - Tough
Larry Williams - You Bug Me Baby
Danny Dell & The Trends - Froggy
Linda & The Epics - Gonna Be Loved
Benny Joy - Hey High School Baby
Rudy Grayzell - Judy
The Caps - Who The Heck
Eddie Dugosh - One Mile
The Seeds - It's A Hard Life
Earl Vince & The Valiants - Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In
Fats Domino - I'm Ready
Ray Sawyer - Rockin' Satellite
Dick Dale - Surf Beat
Beach Boys - Drive-In
Jack Lane - King Fool
Benny Joy - Button Nose
The Cocoas - Flip Your Daddy
Bobettes - Mr. Lee
Jerry Dallman - The Bug

Jack Starr - I Love My Baby
Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs - (I'm In With) The Out Crowd
Tommy Blake - Lordy Hoody
Don And Dewey - A Litlle Love
Mike Waggoner & The Bops - Baby Baby
Chris Kenner - Sick And Tired
Johnny Kidd & The Pirates - Growl

Big Al Downing - Yes I'm Loving You
The Rolling Stones - Miss Amanda Jones
The Jewels - Hearts Of Stone
David Gates - You'll Be My Baby
The Duvals - Cotton
Nolan Strong - Real True Love
Teemates - Movin' Out

★Free Beer For Life
Devil Dance(The Devils )
A-Bomb Bop (Mike Fernandez)
Mumbo Jumbo
Spinning My Wheels(Chuck Brooks)
Lug Nuts

★The Life Of Riley
That Jim(Mackey Beers)
Sham Rock(Royal Teens)
My Dawgy Heap
The Bee(Sentinals)
Monkey's Uncle(Ray Sharp)
Satellite Dish
Time MachineJack (Donovan & The Knight Caps)
Rough Cut
She's Gotta Be Boss(Sir Douglas Quintet)
El Kabong
Button Nose
I've Fallen (And I Can't Get Up)
Go Betty Go
Go Go Go For Louie's Place(The Surfaris )

★I Was A Teenage Mummy
Mum's The Word
Firewater( Premieres )
Mark Of The Squealer
Homicide(Myron Lee)
The Fez Man Walks
Little Egypt(The Coasters)
Bandstand Rocket
Oh Wendy (Let's Stay Out All Night)

★Music Minus Five
Bird Doggin'(Gene Vincent)
The Claw
Donut Run
You Oughta Know
Little Bo Pete(Buddy Miller )
Hully Gully
Get Home Girl
Come On, Come On (The Esquires )
Flea Bitten Annie
I Must Be Dreamin'(The Coasters)
Who The Heck
Bonomo Twine Time
Oasis (Pt. 3)
In The U.S.A.(Flamin' Groovies)

★Not Now!
Geraldine (Ole Miss Downbeats)
Outcast (The Animals)
Shallow Grave
The Lover's Curse(Bracey Everett)
He Sure Could Hypnotize
Jupiter Bulldog
Cat Nip
Stolen Moments
Bad Times(Scotty McKay )
The Rooster (Gabriel & His Angels)
Six Long Weeks
Don't Talk About Him
Granny Tops 'Em At The Hop
Bing Bong (There's A Party Goin' On)

★Ears Wide Shut
Questions I Can't Answer(Heinz)
Henrietta(Jimmy Dee and The Offbeats )
Just A Little Bit Of You
Oh Yeah
Luci Baines(The American Four)
Come Back Baby
Lula Baby
Tulane(Chuck Berry)
Little School Boy
Catahoula Stomp
Four O'clock Baby

★Daddy Wants A Cold Beer And Other Million Sellers
Don't Need No Job(Jerry Parsons & The Blue Jeans)
Questions I Can't Answer(Heinz)
The World's Greatest Sinner(Written-By ?Frank Zappa )
Shanty Tramp(Betty Dickson)
Bamboo Rock And Roll(The Nitecaps)
Spooks-A-Poppin' Theme Written-By ? Natale*
Maintaining My Cool(The Sonics)
She Said Yeah (Larry Williams)
Wah-Hey (The Turbines)
Guess I'm Falling In Love (Velvet Underground )
Baby Doll
Daddy Wants A Cold Beer(Menster Phip & The Phipsters)

Louie Go Home
Hep Cat( Larry Terry )
I'm Snowed(Joe South )
Bad Boy(Larry Williams)
Take Up The Slack Daddy-O (The Sabres)
Why Don't They Let Us Fall In Love(The Ronettes)
Monkey Man
A White T-Shirt And A Pink Carnation(Written-By ? Robbins*)
Third Pint From The Sun
We're Gonna Get Married (Bo Diddley)
Squat With Me Baby(Rochell & The Candles )

Do De Squat

Why Why Why
You're Gone
Written-By ? Rudy Grayzell

One Mile
Written-By ? Dugosh*

Mama Rock
New Spark

Stop It Baby
You Know What You Can Do
Jump Into The River

Smoke Rings
Made In The Shade Written-By ? Gene Dunlap (2)

Rock The Boat
Drive In Written-By ? Brian Wilson
You Can't Beat It Written-By ? Reg Presley
All Night Long
Genocide Written-By ? F.L. Wray, Sr.*
It's A Hard Life Written-By ? Sky Saxon
The Only Asshole (Alone At The Dance) Written-By ? Miller*
Teenage Head Written-By ? Jordan*, Loney*

Oh Canada


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1.Trophy Run/Tennessee Guitars
2.You've Got A Bomb/ The CycloneⅢ
3.The Metal Monster/ Jerry Clayton
4.Let's Go To Hawaii/ The Rivieras
5.ComeOn,Let's Go!/ The Rogues
6.Hot Rod High/ THe Knights
7.Surfin Sally/ The Petticorts
8.Let's Dance/ Ritchie Luvworth
9.Little Miss Go Go/ Freddie Cannon
10.Competion Cope/ The Timers
11.Mustang 2+2/ The casuals
12.Drag/ Ronnie& The Del-Aires
13.Straightaway/The Shut Downs
14.Three Window Coupe/ The Chicks
15.Cold45/ The Four Whells
16.Carroll's Gotta Cobra/ The Chains
17.Surfing-East Coast/ The Dolphins
18.Leaky Boat Louie/ The Wierd-Ohs
19.Dance Dance Dance/ The Surfaris
20.Skateboard Craze/ Willie & The Wheels
21.Red Hot Scramblers-Go/ The Captivations
22.Go Go G.T.O/ Carol & Chryl
23.Cry Baby Boy/ The In Crowd
24.Little Miss Stuck-Up/ Del Ashley
25.Skate Board/ The Sidewalk Surfers
26.I Feel Good All Over/ Harry Deal & The Galaxies
27.Go Go Little Scrambler/ Tony Harris With The Woodies
28.Do The Bomp/ The Bompers
29.Sting Ray's Back In Towm/ Tomorrw's Peoples
30.I Told Santa Claus I Want You/ The Surf Boys



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  自遊空間 アーバン札幌店 札幌市中央区 札幌市中央区南 3条西4丁目8-2 アーバン札幌ビル2F
マンガ・ネット館 狸小路店 札幌市中央区南三条西四丁目12-1 アルシュビル7F
快活CLUB 札幌狸小路店  札幌市中央区南2条西4-1 札幌ナナイロ6F
JOY-cafe(ジョイカフェ) 札幌すすきの3・5店 札幌市中央区南3条西5丁目1-2
アットプレイス 南2条店  札幌市中央区南2条西1-7-1
自遊空間 札幌南二条店 札幌市中央区 札幌市中央区南 2条西2丁目7番 丸友パーキング2階・3階・4階
アイ・カフェ 札幌すすきのノルベサ店 札幌市中央区南三条西5-1-1 nORBESA 4F
コミックランド 三越前店 札幌市中央区南1条西4-13-1日之出ビル2F

ゲオカフェ(GEO CAFE) 札幌狸小路店 札幌市中央区南二条西3丁目6番地1 サンデパートビル地下1階

アイ・カフェ 札幌センチュリーロイヤルホテル店 札幌市中央区北5条西5-2-12 センチュリーロイヤルホテル1F
MediaCafe POPEYE メディアカフェポパイ すすきの
札幌市中央区南四条西3-2 第2グリーンビル8階
Remix すすきの店札幌市中央区南6条西6第6旭観光ビルB1~B2F